What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

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PPC is also known as Pay-Per-Click, it is a part of internet marketing where advertisers have to pay to the search engines whenever they get a click. This means that advertisers only pay when they get visitors to their websites. It is also known as buying visitors method to your website organically.

Search Engines advertising is known as the most important part of PPC campaigns, where advertisers get an opportunity to link their ads on the sponsored links. This works when a genuine person searches for a “keyword” related to your business.  For example, if we bid on the keyword “Digital Marketing Company in India” our ad might show up on the top of sponsored ads in the SERPs (search engine results page).

The benefits of using PPC

PPC has lots of advantages that will help your business to grow online, which includes:


Your business ad will show on the top of SERPs

Increases visibility means exposure to your business

Run multiple campaigns based on different keywords

High CTR (click-through rate), more conversions, increases revenue

Instant organic traffic

If PPC runs successfully, the return on ad spend (ROAS) will be higher, as only a visit to your site is not enough. However, running a PPC successfully is not an easy task. Many other things have to work parallel to make the campaign successful. This may include choosing the right keywords, well-researched keywords, trending ones, selecting ad groups, and setting up PPC landing pages that will redirect the organic traffic.

So, it is very important to set well-targeted PPC campaigns with low-cost ad clicks.

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